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Artist Suzan Ibrahim Mahjoub Mohamed*

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The order in which the artwork appeared above, reflects the sequence in which the artist has produced them. The titles are translated to English by Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz

  • Angry*

  • نزوح | Displacement/Exodus

  • نزوح - اثناء العمل | Displacement/Exodus, work in progress

  • Until When? | الى متى؟

  • من كل هذه العتمة , هل من نافذة ضوء؟ | From this Dark Abyss

, is a Beam of Light to be Envisaged?

  • Pain More Excruciating than Death | الاصعب من الموت وجعا

  • The Malediction of War | لعنة الحرب

* The artist chose to name this piece in English


مهما تحدثنا عن الحرب وما يحدث في وطننا الحبيب السودان لن نستطيع نلامس قسوة ذلك إلا بالتعبير والإحساس الذي يعتري دواخلنا ، ولأن الأمر يتعلق بالإنسانية في الوقت الذي فقدنا فيه الأخلاق وغاب فيه الضمير الإنساني وأصبح المواطن السوداني ضحية لكل ذلك ومنذ زمن طويل، فلابد من الإحساس بالمسؤولية ومزيد من القوة لإعلاء كلمة الحق وقيمة الإنسان. كانت الألوان والأشكال والتكوينات هي وسيلتي لذلك، شاهدة وموثقة لما يحدث، ومحاولة لجعل الخطاب الجمالي هو القوة التي تفوق الواقع المؤلم ويعلو على أصوات الرصاص وصور الخراب والدمار ورائحة الموت، فجأت الأعمال معبرة عن لعنة الحرب بكل أهوالها ، وبكل الغضب الذي يكمن بدواخلنا وعندما يكون الأصعب من الموت وجعا قلة حيلتنا وانتهاك كرامتنا،ونتسأل إلى متى سيظل هذا الواقع جاثما على صدورنا وهل سيطول انتظارنا ؟! وهل من نافذة ضوء من كل هذه العتمة ؟!.

All our articulations about the war and the events currently taking place in our beloved country . Sudan cannot come close to expressing the amplitude of the agony they inflict. This can only be achieved through the expression of what exists within us. All the circumstances we witness are clearly connected to human existence at a juncture where our values have been corroded and where our ability to act in a humane manner has been severely tested. This is a time when the Sudanese citizen has paid the price for these deficiencies and indeed has paid for them for a extensive amount of time. We need to cultivate a sense of responsibility and to fight to uphold the call for justice and to insist on elevating the human worth. As an artist, colours, shapes and forms have been my medium for fulfilling and highlighting these goals. This is my testimony and documentation of what is occurring in my country. I attempt to transform the aesthetic mode of expression into a force that transcends the painful reality to overtake the sounds of bullets, the images of destruction and the smell of death. These works of art express the malediction of war and its horror. They contain the anger that we bear within us at a time when the only thing that is more difficult to bear than death is our helplessness and the erosion of our dignity. We ask how long this heavy weight will press on our chests and whether our wait will be a prolonged one. Is there a glimpse of light that shines through this dense obscurity ?

Suzan wrote it in October 2023 . She is currently in Cairo where she sought refuge.

*This is an original piece written exclusively for PeaceofSudan.Space and has not been published elsewhere.

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