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Una Citta-Stories in Italian from the People of Sudan

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The interviews were coordinated by Mariasole Pepa (Geography Researcher, Padua University) and Abdel Rahman Musa EL Tahir ( Biologist and Socio-Ecologist, University of Khartoum)

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قِصَّة قَصِيرَة: خُبْز دَامِي-باطومي ايول

قِصَّة قَصِيرَة خُبْز دَامِي بَعْد شهْريْنِ مِن اِسْتمْرار الحرْب تمامًا ، خرج اَلعَم ، بَعْد أن وَشَّح نَفسَه بِملابس مُقَدسَة بِحكْم عَملِه بِالْكنيسة اَلتِي ظَلِلنَا نُؤدِّي فِيهَا فَرِيضَة الصَّلَ

"Watching our country burn bit by bit"*

On the 15th of April, 2023, a war broke out in my home country, Sudan. Two sides driven by hunger for power had left us all with nothing. Sudan's militia-the RSF-lead by Hamdan Dagalo, and the Army -l


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