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Synthesized Sudan: Synthesizing resistance melodies

Via Instagram user: @mahammed896

Unfortunately for Jantra, the political situation in Sudan made it hard for him to perform as often outside of his hometown. Hardly a week after Ostinato announced the record, war broke out again in April.
Keeping with his imprint’s audio-political ethos, Sohonie argues the recording is an example of how the hottest electronic music today is less likely to come from the epicentres of New York, Berlin or London, nor even African hubs like Johannesburg or Lagos – but the rural heartlands of the global south.

Read more on Synthesized Sudan (by Amar Dikwar) here: Article in Middle East Eye


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“Times are very tough,” Jantra says. “You cannot move around the country easily and there are fewer gigs for me, but life goes on. Things are calmer here in Gedarif but the world should pray for Sudan.”

The quote is from the Interview on The Guardian, by Daniel Dylan Wray: "People have weapons, but it’s to celebrate!’ Jantra, the Sudanese keyboardist making wild party music", read more here

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