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Resistance Committees ( not to be confused with service committees which emerged in the wake of the revolution or the neighborhood committees which offer residents pastoral support) are groups of connected grassroots, neighborhood networks of Sudanese residents, who starting in 2013 and during the 2018/2019 Sudanese Revolution, have been the backbone of the non-violent peaceful resistance campaigns of citizen mobilization against the authoritarian government of Omar Al-Bashir. During the transition period following the toppling of the ex-regime, the Resistance Committees have maintained vigilance and acted as a safeguard for ensuring that the fruits of the revolution are reaped, and have echoed the aspirations of people for a civilian-led democratic government, The Resistance Committees have played a key catalytic role in the events that have lead and followed the Sudanese Revolution of 2018/2019. Today, during the April 15th War in Sudan that has broken out between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces, the Resistance Committees are filling up an even bigger vacuum in continuing to be Sudan's life support system for so many citizens of Sudan by supporting citizen-led initiatives of responding to rising humanitarian needs, through coordinating medical supplies, safe passages for departure from Khartoum, and locating food supplies, as the war rages on.


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