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On 'Homeland': Watan*

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

I lived in our beloved country, Sudan for half my life and the other half in the diaspora, and yet I feel that during the time I spent in the diaspora, the homeland lived inside me. This situation has made me constantly pondering the concept of homeland and its insinuations.

Homeland may be a geographical location or a series of historical events. It may be a piece of land , to which your heart is attached no matter where you are.. For a flock of passing birds, home is security and a warm nest. For a child, home is the mother’s warm breast. For the prisoner, the homeland is freedom, and for the plants and trees, the homeland is the soil and the instinct to survive and continue.

This is what life has taught me made about the profound meaning of the Arabic word”

Watan” or homeland. It is a meaning that flows in my blood stream , one that I sought to reflect in my poems and writings and played on the strings of my harp.

A website concerned with the homeland, is undoubtedly a container that carries all these meanings. Therefore, I decided to start a large series of contributions about the homeland as a high and lofty value. I salute whoever thought of creating this site, who designed it, and everyone who participated in bringing it into existence.

Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Halim Muhammad



October 2023

*This is an original piece written exclusively for PeaceofSudan.Space and has not been published elsewhere.

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