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Humour and Satire as Forms of Resistance and Resilience

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The lady seen wearing flip flops is called Sumia Akad she was a minister for health at a time when the Federal ministry was under the leadership of Bahr Idriss Abugarada during the Islamist rule. She was frequently mocked for her preference to appear at official events donning her flip flops. The Sudanese mocked her choice as an oblique reference to her incapacity to due justice to her role in government. Her image mirrors that of Abdel Fatah al Burhan who wears flip flops while he leads the current war. The parallel evokes common Islamist allegiances and incompetence in terms of governing Sudan effectively in order to allow it to prosper.

The appearance of those displaced abroad versus that of those who are internally displaced within the diverse states of Sudan.

The Playbook for African Coup d'Etats

Mocking rumours of Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo's death and his multiple resurrections via audio recordings.

The minister of finance Gibril Ibrahim depicted as a charlatan professing to fix the Sudanese economy through extracting fees before the war. In the context of war this propensity extends to guzzling aid money.

This post highlights the self interested motives of those who call for the war to continue . In this instance a direct reference is made to how the war economy and displacement of Khartoum's inhabitants are beneficial to unscrupulous landlords in one of the now densely populated cities: Medani, located in Gezira State.

These are examples of how people make sense of the harrowing situation.

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