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Are these the humanitarian actors Sudan deserves?*

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By: Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Have we departed from the obstructive Draconian measures of the Humanitarian Aid Commission -HAC- that were curtailed by the transitional government only to rear their heads after the military coup orchestrated by the Sudanese armed forces and the rapid support forces- currently warring parties- on the 25th October 2021?

HAC was part of the National intelligence service, thus it was part of the Ministry of Interior, and ultimately a political entity. The Sudanese side under Ingaz** always used the cover of humanitarian work to maintain its power and embolden its security apparatus, while cynically professing that it was maintaining the sovereignty of the state.

Writings have pointed to the limitations of international aid as developed in the work of Noami Klein and Mark Duffield . So it is a fine line that we hope to explore in order to engage in a fruitful conversation between the donors and the recipients of aid so that the processes of aid delivery meet the humane standards they aspire to.

**Ingaz (Al-Ingaz, The Salvation) was the controversial military-Islamist, authoritarian regime that ruled Sudan from 1989 until its fall in 2019.

*This is an original piece written exclusively for PeaceofSudan.Space and has not been published elsewhere.

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