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Hearing the War From Sudan Podcast 

About the Podcast*




The war of 15th April 2023 in Sudan, between the army ( with strongly debated possibilities of Islamist manoeverings within the army leadership) and the Rapid Support Forces, has been the subject of varying analyses and attributions of blame by both the warring parties as well as diverse Sudanese communities. Different people in Sudan engage in discursive and embodied practices in order to make sense of it, cope with it and crucially endevour to tame its ravages. The present series of podcasts favours conveying the voices of ordinary people in Sudan as the war continued to unfold. The series reflects the emotional, experiential and hermeneutic aspects of war through these lives and how they reflect particular modes of meaning making around this specific strife. The voices and narratives are immediate and thus do not profess to offer intellectual rigorous forages about the reasons for the war or factual genealogies at every presented narrative. Rather, the series reflects a genealogy of war which is animated by facts, contradictions, rumours, fears, emotions, unequal power dynamics...


This series offers a raw testimonial of the crisis as it was being lived.

Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz , Social Anthropologist/ Podcast compilation facilitator


Anab Mohamed, International Development Practitioner/ Design set up

*The Podcast is an original contribution to and has not been published elsewhere. 

Episode1: Some Subjective Narratives of Ethiopian and Eritrean Refugees in Sudan

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This is a Title 01

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This is a Title 02

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