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Our Story

This website is a space that seeks to weave together the collective narratives, perspectives, views, feelings, and reflections that have emerged from people living the war in Sudan and those who are connected to Sudan. Views are pluralistic and in an effort  to engage a diverse audience, the contents of this webpage are  not only in multiple languages, but also relfect a spectrum of views and perspectives on this war.  Through diverse original contributions, discussion forum topics, and curated content, the page seeks to shed light on Sudan's adversity through the eyes of those with lived experiences of this war, and those who have a "Peace of Sudan" in their hearts.  Any views or opinions expressed in the pieces relfect those of their author only.

Let's Connect!
The webpage seeks to engage diverse conversations about the contemporary and historical dilemmas that have plagued Sudan and disrupted its potential as a cultural, social, and economic repository. We invite contributions that seek to unravel these challenges. We welcome your participation in the discussion forum. We look forward to original contributions to the contents of this space. Please use the form below. 
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